Cube Runner

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  1. this game is easy~ LOL!
    but i like it cuz it feels like flight simulator.

  2. Nice:).But mmorpg’s(massive multiplayer online role playing games)just like runescape can give a lot more fun.And there is many to play for free.
    Some of them free:Twelve Sky,Twelve Sky2,Shaiya,Cabal,and a lot more.I let you discover them all by typing free to play mmorpg in google.

  3. hey awesome game…. actually it looks like very old simple flash game, but when i begin the game also i don’t believe it would makes me crazy over it.. i just playing and when i reached second level where the blocks make a curved paths and i was just got amazed when i enter into the space like cubes in green color in dark background. 🙂

  4. All the LOL ships at ROBLOX are entertaining at ROBLOX, a ok user-made hangout

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  6. kostenlose MMORPG
    11:03, 12.05.2010

    Cool games.. I enjoyed playing it.. 🙂

  7. Microworkers
    00:01, 11.06.2010

    Nice games, i like this..,thanks

  8. Abby Keif
    08:35, 18.06.2010

    very nice dear…..

  9. this game is on the ipod! I played it, cool on the ipad as you can tilt to play on pc it isn’t as good 🙁

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